CIR gives meaning to 'the dash' between the year you were born and the year you die. Without CIR many peoples' 'dashes' - their lives - wouldn't mean anything. It's all about what you do with that dash.

CIR Participant & Volunteer


Every person has individual needs and desires. Health, personal, and social preferences are all addressed in the CIR programs. By creating a wide variety of activities for the mind and body, it encourages participants to be their best in all aspects of life. 

Our services range from individual support to fully inclusive community activities. By guiding healthy activity choices, providing accessible transportation, financial assistance, and connections to a variety of fun activities, CIR strengthens the body and feeds the creative soul. 

CIR believes that: 

  • Every person should be valued, respected, and accepted
  • Everyone has a gift to offer the community and deserves the right to fully participate
  • Separate is not equal. Including individuals with disabilities into the social and recreational life of our community has intrinsic value - for both the individual and for the community at large
  • Each person deserves the right to choose the activities in which they wish to participate
  • The words "person-centered" are more than a good idea - they need to be the focal point of every interaction that we have with individuals who are seeking their own voice and destiny