Transportation Announcement : Outside of Battle Creek back


Due to extremely high gas prices, we have been forced to make some changes in our
transportation options. Beginning July 11, 2022 we will be limiting our out-county
transportation and utilizing the ‘hub’ pick ups and drop offs more frequently.

Marshall - From now on, transportation directly to homes in Marshall will be available
for Tuesday AM (cooking, art) and Wednesday PM (bowling) and for monthly dances.
The rest of the week, we will be using a hub for Marshall pick ups and drop offs. This
hub will now be at the 11 Mile Road exit in the TA Truckstop parking lot.

South M-66 – We will continue to use the Dollar General (formerly Orchard Park
Grocery) near B Drive South for pick ups and drop offs for those living further south.

North M-66 and M-78 – We will continue to use the M-66 Bowl for pick ups and drop
offs for the far north Pennfield and Bellevue areas.

We hope that this financial crisis only lasts a little while and we will be back to normal.
In the meantime, we will do our best to make sure that everyone who wants to
participate in CIR activities CAN.
Thank you for your patience!